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Our story.

Roaming Towers is a new member of Roaming Networks group dedicated to Mobile Network infrastructure development and is strategically engaged in the acquisition and construction of locations for MNOs. Using our own digital applications, solar energy and active equipment, we are fully prepared to be a bearer of development of the latest mobile technologies in the region.


About Roaming Towers

Roaming Towers was established in May 2021 by Roaming Networks’ acquisition of 41 tower locations from Konsing group. By integrating this infrastructure into Roaming Networks, we created a nucleus for the future development of Tower business in the Balkans. Being an infrastructure operator in the telco industry, we are ready to strongly support the development of 5G networks in the Balkans.

About Roaming Networks

Roaming Networks is a system integrator company, a Digital General Contractor delivering high-end services in telecommunications and beyond across global markets.

An 800 people-strong organization caters for design, build, integration, and other services, allowing clients to place their focus on their core business and strategy.

We developed our capabilities over generations of sophisticated technologies and continue to do so by following customers’ needs and expectations. Our own software development enables us to bring digital added value to our work and through automation and standardization, efficiency and performance are continuously pushed ahead.


Roaming Towers & Roaming Networks unique synergy

in the Balkan region

Roaming Networks

  • Full spectrum Telco project delivery

  • Integrator Expertise & Experience

  • Regional & International presence

Roaming Towers

  • Built to suit - Turnkey Solution

  • Full Vertical Integration

  • Independent Tower company

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